Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our Government has no idea what they are doing!!!

I tell you what i think we need to fire all the senators,pull all the congressmen and women out of office and put some other more trust worthy people that have had to earn a living all their life in office.I cant believe the vote of one man from kentucky can decide the fate of millions of peoples unemployment benefits.The very idea scares the hell out of me.I was lucky so far it hasnt hit me yetbut what about all the other people that have lost their jobs because of corporate greed.The government opened the door to this greed when they put nafta to work.This one decision has put millions out of work and homeless.I think i want to work on wall street because if you rip all the Americans off hell the government bails you out.I really wouldnt want to be one of those jerks but do you see my point.They bail out all of the banks that have been charging high interest rates and driving peoples house payments so high they couldnt pay them but they went broke.This country is ran by a bunch of crooked money grubbing pieces of crap.I love my country more than anything and to see them destroy it this way is heart breaking.They want to continue being the hero for other countries while they raise our taxes,cut our health care and all of our benefits so they can save another country.What the hell is wrong with that picture.I wish those ass holes could jump in our shoes and be cut off from their millions of dollars and rich friends and had to see what the people they are deciding to cut benefits and putting out of their homes have to go through.Nafta has destroyed our manufacturing industry,i know a lot of people blame the unions which there are some lazy ,greedy union workers but the unions have done a lot more for this country than our government has.I am a united steel worker and proud of it,my plant closed in 2009 because Bridgestone Firestone is another of the greedy corporations.They took our jobs to Costa Rica and Liberia so they could pay them pennies on the dollar and ship the parts back here to be sold to a bunch of broke ass people that they helped put out of work.I voted for Obama and i havent seen any change for the good it has only gotten worse.What are we gonna do?We all need to let our opinions be known in washington,lets all flood their emails with messages and let them know how pissed off we all are.They have forgotten who they work for.It has already been decided that the congress will keep their insurance they already have if this health care bill is passed.What does that say to you,it says it isnt gonna be wourth a shit and they know it.Lets be heard people before it is to late.God bless us all.


Blogger wtassic said...

Hey don't give up on the president just yet, remember it took 8 years to destroy this country. I know times seem rough, and they are for me too, but I'm not gonna give up on a guy after a year, especially with all the resistance he is getting in D.C. Take care man, think you are great in the movie, and good luck on the 1st win!

March 29, 2010 at 9:20 PM  

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