Friday, February 26, 2010

Whats next???

Well im back,life is still dealing me a pile of shit.I cant find work any where and i dont want to run out of unemployment and be screwed.I have a couple sponcers so i will be able to race this season to keep my mind off of things.I never give up though,life deals you a bad hand and you got to figure out how to play it.I went to the track to get my membership and found out they gave someone else from another track my number.I am no longer #26 i am now #6.Well some people were a little dissappointed at that but i looked at it from a different view.I had Three children pass away(Sammy,Abby,and James)and i have three children with me now and together that makes six.Maybe i will have better luck with the #6 and people will shaft the driver that has my number thinking it is me.I have nothing against the other guy but i have had the #26 since 1999.I have been working a lot at my house and no i am getting the cars ready for the track.Man i cant wait.If ya all come out to the track dont forget to start cheering on my new #6 car and wish me luck.Until next time remember to keep your head up no matter how bad things seem they always get better.


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