Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hey there everyone just wanted to tell ya all hello and let ya know about the auction on ebay.we have some great american made tshirts with slammin sammy hawkins in big writing on the back and me dishing out a payback.Also i have the nude velvet painting from the movie and my helmet Riddle got ahold of during the race.There are also Premere invitations for the opening of the movie back in november.eveything will be personally autographed by me with your own personal message of choice.I will donate a portion of the sales to a needy cause like the kitchen,shelter or the food pantry for the needy.I wanna do my part to help,im not some dumb hillbilly without a heart.I might be hillbilly but i love to help people in need,im working for now until they close my plant in 09 i might end up needing help sometime.I think we all as human beings should reach out to all in need if we are able and this world would be a much better place.Talk to ya all later.Sammy


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