Saturday, April 3, 2010

Just doin my thing

Hello again friends.I have been looking really hard for a job but still no luck.I think im gonna go crazy,i dont like being without a job.I enjoy spending time with my kids but i love to work it makes me feel good to earn my way.I am still looking for new sponcers so i can at least keep up my racing.I only have me and my brothers cars to work on now the rest either quit or went their own way.I have been working really hard on my house and trying to keep my wife happy but i dont think that is possible.I think im gonna sell her on ebay but they would probably want a refund.If anyone is interested in sponcering my cars this year please call me at 765-810-2248.I would really appreciate any help i can get at this point.I need a set of 456 rear end gears and i would like to get a 2 speed powerglide and give that a try.Well im gonna go for now,ya all keep in touch.Your friend Sammy Hawkins Was #26 in the movie now #6 this season

Friday, March 12, 2010

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our Government has no idea what they are doing!!!

I tell you what i think we need to fire all the senators,pull all the congressmen and women out of office and put some other more trust worthy people that have had to earn a living all their life in office.I cant believe the vote of one man from kentucky can decide the fate of millions of peoples unemployment benefits.The very idea scares the hell out of me.I was lucky so far it hasnt hit me yetbut what about all the other people that have lost their jobs because of corporate greed.The government opened the door to this greed when they put nafta to work.This one decision has put millions out of work and homeless.I think i want to work on wall street because if you rip all the Americans off hell the government bails you out.I really wouldnt want to be one of those jerks but do you see my point.They bail out all of the banks that have been charging high interest rates and driving peoples house payments so high they couldnt pay them but they went broke.This country is ran by a bunch of crooked money grubbing pieces of crap.I love my country more than anything and to see them destroy it this way is heart breaking.They want to continue being the hero for other countries while they raise our taxes,cut our health care and all of our benefits so they can save another country.What the hell is wrong with that picture.I wish those ass holes could jump in our shoes and be cut off from their millions of dollars and rich friends and had to see what the people they are deciding to cut benefits and putting out of their homes have to go through.Nafta has destroyed our manufacturing industry,i know a lot of people blame the unions which there are some lazy ,greedy union workers but the unions have done a lot more for this country than our government has.I am a united steel worker and proud of it,my plant closed in 2009 because Bridgestone Firestone is another of the greedy corporations.They took our jobs to Costa Rica and Liberia so they could pay them pennies on the dollar and ship the parts back here to be sold to a bunch of broke ass people that they helped put out of work.I voted for Obama and i havent seen any change for the good it has only gotten worse.What are we gonna do?We all need to let our opinions be known in washington,lets all flood their emails with messages and let them know how pissed off we all are.They have forgotten who they work for.It has already been decided that the congress will keep their insurance they already have if this health care bill is passed.What does that say to you,it says it isnt gonna be wourth a shit and they know it.Lets be heard people before it is to late.God bless us all.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Whats next???

Well im back,life is still dealing me a pile of shit.I cant find work any where and i dont want to run out of unemployment and be screwed.I have a couple sponcers so i will be able to race this season to keep my mind off of things.I never give up though,life deals you a bad hand and you got to figure out how to play it.I went to the track to get my membership and found out they gave someone else from another track my number.I am no longer #26 i am now #6.Well some people were a little dissappointed at that but i looked at it from a different view.I had Three children pass away(Sammy,Abby,and James)and i have three children with me now and together that makes six.Maybe i will have better luck with the #6 and people will shaft the driver that has my number thinking it is me.I have nothing against the other guy but i have had the #26 since 1999.I have been working a lot at my house and no i am getting the cars ready for the track.Man i cant wait.If ya all come out to the track dont forget to start cheering on my new #6 car and wish me luck.Until next time remember to keep your head up no matter how bad things seem they always get better.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Having a heart is great but use it in the right place

I wrote a blog the other day talking about the USA and how they need to concentrate on the needy and the homeless in the United States.I stand by that.I do however want to let it be clear the people of the United States can help who ever they please.I would hope they would also try and help their fellow Americans in need.I love my country and the people in it.I am not a racist person i think we the people stands for ALL Americans not just the select few.If HBO had paid me for my part in helping them make a boat load of money from the doccumentary i would have gave part of my money to someone in need.I have always been taught to help those in may not be a lot but if everyone in the USA would just do somthing to help a needy person this country would be a lot better place to live.I am not a rich man but i can say with all honesty i try to help anyone i can weather it be with money(when i have some)or with a task of some sort.I guess what im trying to say is we ALL need to do our part to take care of our home,reach out and lend a hand or put a meal in someones belly either way you would be making a difference.If there is going to be change in our country WE THE PEOPLE are going to have to do it.Our government just wants to make themselves look like the super heros of the world with our tax money.Im not saying we shouldnt help countries like Haiti because that would be heartless,what im saying is take care of home and the people could reach out and lend a hand to the other countries in need.If we werent in need we could help and that would be a more productive way of doing things.At least we would find the people in this country that want to make a difference and we would find the ones along for the ride.God Bless Us All

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

USA needs to focus on USA

USA needs to focus on USA
Hey Sammy here again.I dont know what im gonna do.I lost my job because a greedy ex american owned company(firestone)closed the doors of the factory i worked at and had hoped to retire from.That company decided to move our jobs to costa rica and liberia so they could pay them 2 or 3 dollars a day to do our jobs.I think it is total bullshit!!Our country is falling appart at the seams and all our government wants to do is send all our money out of the country to help with their wars our their famines and hungry.I do feel sorry for those people and its not bad to want to help others but take care of home first then worry about everyone else.I see the president and the government as the father figure of our country now we are the children so to speak,now why would you take the food and jobs from your children and their homes and give them to sombody else.I love my country more than anything and i would die for her but the government here sucks.I dont know what im gonna do to support my family now.I love to race but i love my family more than anything .I depend on sponcers to support my race car,i depend on my country to help me in my time of need.I have worked all my life starting at age 13 im now 41.There are millions of people in the same situation i am in so i dont want you to think i want you to feel sorry for me.I am just trying to make a point,our government and corperate greed has gotten us where we are at right now.If president Obama wants to CHANGE something he needs to start here in the good ole USA.God bless us all

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hello im Sammy Hawkins.The racing we do in anderson indiana is true love for the sport.We dont really have a lot of good in our town with all the recent job loss but what we do have is the anderson speedway.Im not saying we are totally without good in anderson because there have been some new factories and the casino open up here but there isnt enough work for eveyone here.We look forward to racing every weekend so there is at least some positive aspects in our lives.I do have three beautiful kids one of whom i hadnt seen for twelve years because her mother took her from me.If you saw the show you would know im talking about Brittany.I also have my two little ones Roselynn and my son Jarrod.They are both new since the show.My wife is not an alcoholic like she was made out to be,we just like to have a good time now and then but not as often now that we have our babies.I have a lot of respect for the guy in the show that has to recycle the parts on his car to keep on keepin on,thats pretty much how we have to do it.Hbo took advantage of us leading us to believe this would go big and possibly be a hit series.I now have no work and HBO left us high and dry.Your show seems awfully close to ours,i hope HBO decides to go on with our series to give your show a run for its money,i know we have it in us we have the never say die attitude here in anderson indiana.We might not build cars here in anderson anymore,but we can still race em and we can still wreckem and they cant take that away from us.Good luck guys and god bless ya all.and if you havent seen dirty driving thundercars of indiana check it out on HBO in febuary it is running again.

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