Wednesday, January 20, 2010

USA needs to focus on USA

USA needs to focus on USA
Hey Sammy here again.I dont know what im gonna do.I lost my job because a greedy ex american owned company(firestone)closed the doors of the factory i worked at and had hoped to retire from.That company decided to move our jobs to costa rica and liberia so they could pay them 2 or 3 dollars a day to do our jobs.I think it is total bullshit!!Our country is falling appart at the seams and all our government wants to do is send all our money out of the country to help with their wars our their famines and hungry.I do feel sorry for those people and its not bad to want to help others but take care of home first then worry about everyone else.I see the president and the government as the father figure of our country now we are the children so to speak,now why would you take the food and jobs from your children and their homes and give them to sombody else.I love my country more than anything and i would die for her but the government here sucks.I dont know what im gonna do to support my family now.I love to race but i love my family more than anything .I depend on sponcers to support my race car,i depend on my country to help me in my time of need.I have worked all my life starting at age 13 im now 41.There are millions of people in the same situation i am in so i dont want you to think i want you to feel sorry for me.I am just trying to make a point,our government and corperate greed has gotten us where we are at right now.If president Obama wants to CHANGE something he needs to start here in the good ole USA.God bless us all


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