Friday, January 8, 2010

Hey everyone i know it has been a long time but i just figured out how to get back in here.I have had a lot of things happen since the last time i was on here.I have two beautiful kids a boy and a girl and i have been in contact with my 19 year old that i was talking about in the show.I no longer have the long hair age took most of it and the clippers took the rest.My season wasnt that great last year for lack of sponcers and i lost my job in june 2009 due to the plant closing.If anyone is interested in sponcering my car please dont hesitate to call me at 765-810-2248 i dont want my team to disappear i love getting out on that track.Dirty driving is on again in febuary 2010 and the jerks still havent paid us a dime!!I still love that show though.See ya all soon,your friend Slammin Sammy Hawkins


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