Saturday, April 3, 2010

Just doin my thing

Hello again friends.I have been looking really hard for a job but still no luck.I think im gonna go crazy,i dont like being without a job.I enjoy spending time with my kids but i love to work it makes me feel good to earn my way.I am still looking for new sponcers so i can at least keep up my racing.I only have me and my brothers cars to work on now the rest either quit or went their own way.I have been working really hard on my house and trying to keep my wife happy but i dont think that is possible.I think im gonna sell her on ebay but they would probably want a refund.If anyone is interested in sponcering my cars this year please call me at 765-810-2248.I would really appreciate any help i can get at this point.I need a set of 456 rear end gears and i would like to get a 2 speed powerglide and give that a try.Well im gonna go for now,ya all keep in touch.Your friend Sammy Hawkins Was #26 in the movie now #6 this season